Network Administration

In today's cost sensitive environment, it makes sense for small businesses to out source their network administration.  You may be the "go to guy" for your company's computer problems, but is that the best use of your time?  Is that what you enjoy doing or do you do it because someone has to do it?


BTG can help. We can be your IT department.  We can remotely administer your computer network as well as provide desktop level end user support and training through our remote control tools.  It is just like standing there showing users how to find misplaced documents or teaching them new features in productivity software.


You will be assigned an account engineer. He or she will learn your systems, and software.  We have montioring solutions in place to help prevent problems before they occur.


We can add users, change passwords and manage network security remotely.

 Call us today to see how we can save you time and money.

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  • If your IT staff is overloaded, we can help. No matter where you are if you have a high speed internet connection, we can help.

We can setup server and networking monitoring to help keep you server and network up and running. We can check the logs daily and notify you of any problems often before they impact your business. We can also help solve many of these problems though our remote support, freeing your staff to focus on their job rather than putting out fires...


Does Multiple locations keep your IT department in the air more than in the office? Call us for information about our remote support packages.


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