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Email has become the life blood of many companies. At Business Technologies Group we understand how important it is to keep you business mail flowing while blocking the SPAM.


We offer a variety of solutions to help keep your business mail just that, business mail. Our experience allows us to offer firewall and internet security packages that can greatly reduce the amount of SPAM that reaches your desktop.


We also offer internet email backup. If you have an exchange server receiving email directly then your email could be at risk of bouncing or being lost if you server or ISP goes down. We can help. We can setup a backup mail server and capture the email before it is lost and hold it until your connection is back up and running.

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Email Capture Service


BTG offers email capture for our clients whose servers collect their email directly from the internet. If your server goes down, where does your email go? We can prevent lost emails by capturing your bounced email before it is lost or returned to the sender.


If you are waiting for an important order and your ISP service goes down, the last thing you want to have happen is for the mail to bounce back to the send or the order to be lost. Our backup service can prevent this from happening.


Black Listing--mail blocking

We can monitor Black Listing services and help prevent your company from being listed simply because your ISp has assigned you a dynamic IP address.



Our engineers can manage your mail server to reduce down time.



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