Disaster Planning,


and Recovery



It doesn't take much more than the evening news or the weather channel to convince businesses that now is the time to have a disaster recovery plan in place.


Our engineering team is ready to help you evaluate your risks and provide you economical options for disaster planning.


What would happen if your office flooded? Would your backup be safe and accessible? Are your backups working properly. Are backup logs being checked? Do have off site backups? What about fire, hurricanes or tornados. What are your risks?


Hardware failure is a daily occurrence in the computer world. Even the best equipment will eventually fail. Planned replacement of aging systems is part of disaster preparation and prevention.


Is all of your users' data on your server? Do they have critical files conveniently stored on their desktop and not backed up? A Planning audit by our engineering staff can answer these questions.


What happens if your security is breached?  What happens when an employee is fired?  Are your computers safe?  Do you have a security plan?  Are you meeting federal guidelines for your business?  If you don't have the answer to these questions, our team can help.


Call us today, before the unexpected happens. We Recommend off site backup as part of your data backup plan. Follow the iDrive link below to sign up today.

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Backup Solutions:
BTG recommends servers be backed up with removable hard drives or through off-site backup solutions.

Removable hard drives are a cost effective solution that keeps you in charge of your data.  We can also design and implement off site backups via SSL internet connections to data backup services.

Call us today to see how we can help assure you that your backup will be there when you need it most.
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